Resizer for DSTV Drifta windows client 1.3.15 (and v1.3.40)

Posted on May 5, 2012

A lot of people ask for a way to resize the viewing windows of the DSTV Drifta on the PC. One of the early versions was “hacked” to allow this to happen but DSTV quickly released new versions which were encrypted and employed other methods to prevent hacking and re-sizing. Since then we have had to resort to using windows zoomers of various natures, and while this has been useful it isn’t the same as being able to drag the window to the desired size.

Help is finally at hand.  Moe1 (bless his soul) has released a little application which runs alongside the DSTV application (yes, it works with the very latest version available from the DSTV site, so go and get it) and enables resizing. In doing it in this manner it does not require distribution of any DSTV code (whether that is copyright or not is now irrelevant). All of you legitimate fee paying Drifta subscribers can now resize your windows to your hearts content.

Extract of the Readme below, links to the download at the bottom.

Thanks again Moe1 (and thanks the guy who posted the links, happy to give you credit if you like, just mail me to say I can put your name here).


DSTV Mobile v1.3.15
Video Screen Resizer App
By Moe1

Due to popular demand, finally here is the screen resizer for v1.3.15 (and later) of the DSTV Mobile decoder. Billy you wanted it now you got it! 😉

Installation Instructions:
1. – Copy Resizer.exe to your DSTV Mobile installation folder. (Ex. C:\program files\DSTV Mobile Decoder\)
2. – Run Resizer.exe and click the “Load & Resize” button.
3. – The DSTV Mobile application will start as normal and you will be able to resize the screen by dragging open the video frame accordingly.
4. – You can close the Resizer app at any time, it will not interfere with the DSTV Mobile instance.

This will only work with DSTV Mobile v1.3.15 decoder for Windows (and later versions!)
This application does NOT modify your decoder.exe file so you will still have your original file.
Making the screen size too big will just result in an awful picture, hence the reason for the screen size restriction in the first place.


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138 Responses

  1. Xander:

    Here is a Dropbox link to the resizer zip. file

    16.08.2015 15:11 Reply

  2. jb:

    plse need working resizer for win8.1 drifta 1.3.40

    14.03.2015 08:42 Reply

  3. Richard:

    HI guys can anyone email me dstv mobile v3.15 software please, I am using a latest drifta software and resizer doesn’t work on it

    12.01.2015 18:28 Reply

  4. Lekau Sam Mamabolo:

    Big ups to moe1 and m1. Thank yoooou very much. Works like a charm with v1.3.40

    20.08.2014 20:23 Reply

  5. Lebo:

    After downloading I find that the zip file only contains a Readme file and a Resizer.sfv file. Is the resizer.exe file for version 1.3.15 still available? pls email me thank you

    23.06.2014 14:30 Reply

  6. Phelan:

    works 100% for me 🙂 thanks!!!
    im getting nearly full screen!

    16.01.2014 10:20 Reply

  7. lebohang:

    How does this one works ?

    23.11.2013 19:38 Reply

  8. m1:

    Ok ppl here it is the latest version of DStv Drifta v1.3.40 Screen Resize Patch. File links below :

    21.11.2013 21:18 Reply

    • Justin:

      Thanks, much appreciated

      21.11.2013 21:33 Reply

      • mo:

        hi Justin how does the latest resizer work for version 1.3.40Z? thanks

        27.11.2013 22:25 Reply

      • Swt Me:

        Hi I get the following error after installing the patch for ver 1.3.4 ” The program cant start becoz MSVCR90.dll is missing from your computer” Please help

        04.12.2013 22:20 Reply

        • Justin:

          Just google it and you will find various places to download the missing file.

          18.01.2014 11:53 Reply

    • mo:

      hi M1 how does the latest resizer work for version 1.3.40Z? thanks

      27.11.2013 22:27 Reply

  9. ravata:

    wen will the full screen patch for version 1.3.3 be out

    11.11.2013 19:25 Reply

  10. glen:

    can u plz DSTV Mobile v1.3.15 decoder for Windows

    03.10.2013 09:19 Reply

  11. glen:

    can u please e mail me dstv mobile v1.3.15 decoder…

    03.10.2013 09:17 Reply

  12. lebohang:

    I also mistakenly upgraded my drifta software to the new one and I cant use resizer any more pls help.

    18.09.2013 18:06 Reply

  13. Dezi:

    Anything for version 2.1.312???

    08.09.2013 11:08 Reply

  14. Nicholas:

    Could you..or anyone for that matter, please upload the installer for “DSTV Mobile v1.3.15”. I have a later version hence the resizer cant work. I will really appreciate. Thanks in advance.

    27.08.2013 15:20 Reply

  15. DeBon:

    can you please help me. I am currently using the Dstv mobile decoder V1.3.3, i need the old version V1.3.15 so i can resize the screen i cant find it on the net

    24.08.2013 22:04 Reply

  16. joseph:

    who has the re sizer for version 1.3.3

    09.08.2013 17:11 Reply

  17. zuma:

    wow u are the best

    14.07.2013 23:08 Reply

    • Justin:

      Lol. Why thank you good sir.

      15.07.2013 19:16 Reply

  18. Ian:

    After downloading I find that the zip file only contains a Readme file and a Resizer.sfv file. Is the resizer.exe file for version 1.3.15 still available?

    20.05.2013 12:19 Reply

  19. Glover Tetteh:

    can anyone pls help with the newest version 1.3.3 i need the full screen pls. thank you

    15.05.2013 14:18 Reply

    • Justin:

      Sorry we dont have a patch for this version yet.

      18.05.2013 09:57 Reply

      • savage oneda:

        the software is infected , can you hook me up with a clean one?

        14.08.2013 14:44 Reply

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