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Posted on June 6, 2011

Those who read my post from yesterday will know I was frustrated with the process for buying books on and with the frustration of having to use their proprietary “Beta” software reader which would only work on my laptop but not on my Kindle. I wanted to read “Killing Kebble” on the kindle and couldn’t (Update 13 July, it’s now on Amazon).  Here is how to do it.

I am a long time fan of Calibre as an “iTunes for Kindle” application that will manage your library of books and covert them into the required format for most devices you can think of. It also handles downloading of web sites and making them into “mini magazines” for you to read any place any time. Really great software.

How does this help?

Well when buying books from non-Amazon stores they could be delivered in a number of different formats. epub is a common format for online publishers. Just be careful though. Not all epubs (or ebooks) are created equal and many that you buy will have embedded DRM that stops you using them when where and as you please.

A case in point, ebooks from and Exclusive books online make use of an Adobe DRM solution.

There is however a solution.

  • Purchase your book and pay over your hard-earned cash
  • Open it with the eReader software (this will download it to your computer)
  • Download and install ePUBee drm remover
  • Run ePUBee drm remover (it must be run as admin)
  • Select the folder  “My Digital Editions” in your “My Documents” folder
  • It will clean up your .epub book and place it into “C:\Program Files\ePUBee Drm Removal\Decrypt”
  • Install Calibre (if you haven’t already)
  • Add your books from the Decrypt folder
  • Plug in your Kindle (or other reader)
  • Select the books and right-click, then get Calibre to download them to your device.
  • Enjoy reading

Update : Make sure you buy the epub version if you want to convert it. The DRM protected PDFs don’t work using this method.  If you find another way for these, please share.

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20 Responses

  1. Allan:

    I want to convert an ebook from kalahari to kindle BUT I have downloaded it on my IPad and not my PC. How do I go about it and can I use Calibre? Thanks Allan

    16.01.2013 18:18 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Alan

      Haven’t tried it out that way. Which app are you using to read it on your iPad and what format is the eBook in?

      You may still need to install the reader software onto your PC, as well as Calibre and the associated plugins, then download the book again onto your PC (or copy it across from iPad) and convert it.

      Provide some more info as per above and we can troubleshoot way through it.


      16.01.2013 18:45 Reply

  2. M:

    I use Calibre to convert books that I download from Kalahari for my Kindle. However I am not sure if I am using it correctly as the copy of the books doesn’t appear correctly on my kindle i.e. book pages appear in the middle of a sentence, sometimes there ar only one word on a line, etc.

    17.01.2012 21:06 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi M,
      I have only carried out the process for one book purchased from Kalahari and I didnt experience this problem at all. How does the book show up in the calibre reader function on your PC before downloading to the Kindle?

      17.01.2012 22:49 Reply

  3. Elna:

    Hi Justin
    Will the Kindle 3G Touch work in SA?

    05.12.2011 17:00 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Elna
      A colleague purchased a previous generation Kindle 3G and it works perfectly in SA. He had to make a plan for the power adaptor but it uses a standard micro USB as do most modern cell phones so that isn’t too much of a problem.

      06.12.2011 01:25 Reply

  4. Adri van Staden:

    Want to buy Kindle touch or fire. Wich one do you recommend.Thank you Adri

    26.11.2011 17:39 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Adri
      If the fire worked in South Africa I would probably go for that as it is a reasonably good tablet and offers good value at the price, however, few of the service will work in SA so it may become frustrating to use. If you are wanting a Kindle mainly to read books, then go for the touch. I don’t think the touch is available for international purchase, however if you can get your hands on one it should be great.

      26.11.2011 17:44 Reply

      • Allan:

        Hi I just purchased kindle touch via website http://www.wantitall. Try it out they are extremely efficient

        16.01.2013 18:13 Reply

  5. Marc Newland-Nell:

    Hi Justin
    My Kindle 3 has native PDF support via Adobe Reader technology. I am clueless when it comes to technology so I just wanted to ask you if it is possible to purchase Ebooks off with the above sorftware. Or do I have to download Calibre onto my laptop and convert it first to enable me to read it on my kindle.

    11.11.2011 16:20 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Marc
      The PDFs you can buy off Kalahari are a special format that is DRM protected and needs special reader software which is not available on Kindle.

      You will need to use the method as described in the post to remove the DRM (for personal use) on your Kindle. This only worked with the ePub versions not the PDF versions though, but Kalahari mostly gives you the choice of which to buy.


      11.11.2011 17:21 Reply

  6. Marc Newland-Nell:

    Hi I reside in East London, South Africa and I have just purchased the Kindle WiFi + 3G for myself. I would like to know which site is the best to purchase Ebooks. I am looking for A Feast For Crows and Dance With Dragons by George RR Martin. Would you be able to tell me if you pay the price you see on when purchasing an Ebook or do they add extra costs seeing as I reside in South Africa.
    Much appreciated

    10.11.2011 15:45 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Marc
      Amazon is almost always the cheapest. Once you log in and it realises you are from Africa the price does go up slightly (to cover Whispernet delivery costs) but then the price you see is the price you pay. Generally this is much cheaper than anything you can get in SA.

      11.11.2011 10:13 Reply

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    13.07.2011 00:20 Reply

  8. Which Kindle to buy as a South African |

    […] a few times in the last little while around my challenges in buying ebooks from Kalahari, then on converting ebooks for use on the Kindle, and more generally on buying ebooks in South […]

    30.06.2011 17:13 Reply

  9. Henriet van Rhyn:

    Please advise which Kindle to buy, seeing that there are so many versions available on Amazon these days.

    29.06.2011 12:42 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Henriet. I will put together some thoughts for you tonight and post it up. Regards. Justin.

      29.06.2011 12:52 Reply

      • Justin:

        Hi Henriet
        Looking at Amazon tonight (as a South African), there are 3 different Kindles to choose from.
        Kindle (WiFi) = $139 (6″ screen)
        Kindle (3G+WiFi) = $189 (6″ screen)
        Kindle DX (3G+WiFi) = $379 (9.7″ screen)

        My first Kindle was the WiFi only version. I figured I had wifi connectivity around the house and had Joikuspot hotspot software loaded on my Nokia so had no need for 3G. Little did I know that Kindle didn’t work with Joikuspot (or most Android hotspot software). I lost that Kindle (left it on the plane and couldn’t get it back – thanks for nothing SAA).

        Having had the kindle for 2 months or so before I lost it I knew I had to get another. I had also started using Calibre and had thought that the 3G could be used for delivery of generated e-magazines. Again, I was mistaken. 3G was only delivering notifications that I needed to hook up to wifi to receive my e-magazine. It did however allow me to order books directly from the device and have them delivered pretty much instantly.

        Having had both versions of the 6″ device, my thoughts are as follows. Both are wonderful reading devices which will serve you well. If you travel a bit or are away from home often, or don’t have wifi internet access at home, then go for the 3G version. If you can afford the extra $50 (R350) then go for the 3G version.

        You MUST buy a leather case for it. Whether it is the deluxe one (with the built in light) for $60 (R420) or the plain one for $35 (R245). It protects it and is just a must.

        When you order from South Africa you are going to pay $27 odd shipping and another $48 for import duties, giving a total of $325, or R2313 (at current exchange rates).

        This is a bit cheaper than what you can expect to pay in the shops here in South Africa and is delivered by courier to your house. Some of the $48 may be refunded to you (I got a refund on the first kindle I bought but not the second, no idea why).

        If the R2313 is just out of the price range, then go for the wifi only, plain leather cased version, $139, $35 for the case, $27 shipping and $33 duties, so $233 total (R1 665). That’s with the case.

        The Kindle DX is quite a bit more expensive so I won’t even bother going through the same exercise. It comes out as $537.20 (R3828). If you have the cash and are reading more magazines and textbooks maybe it is worth the extra cash for you.

        That’s it for the options. There are rumours of a colour Android based Kindle tablet to be released later in the year. It is likely to be quite a bit more expensive, and possible just below the iPad range in price. If you want an electronic book reader, take the current Kindle. It is great.

        29.06.2011 23:11 Reply

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